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In order to help Mr. Cordes analyze whether he can assist you with your potential employment law claim, the following information will be useful. Those questions marked with a "*" are necessary. Otherwise, the more information you provide, the more accurately Mr. Cordes can assess if he can help you.

If Mr. Cordes believes he can be of assistance to you, he will contact you by phone or e-mail to schedule further discussion. Mr. Cordes is not licensed to practice law in any state other than California, so he will not be able to take cases outside of California. Only in limited circumstances will Mr. Cordes consider cases outside of Southern California.

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How long employed?
Type of Wage:
Did you work over 40 hours per week?
If Yes;
How many hours per week did you work on average?
Did you get paid time and one-half  for your overtime?
Did you get paid breaks if you worked over 6 hours in a day?
If you are not now employed, under what circumstances did you  leave?
If you quit or were terminated, date of quit or termination?
Is your leaving your employment what is motivating you to contact  an attorney?
If you were terminated or laid off, what was the reason your  employer gave you (even if you do  not believe it)?
 If you do not believe your  employer’s reason, what do you think the real reason was?
If there a reason other than or in addition to your termination, what  is the situation that is leading you  to contact an attorney?
If your complaint is about unpaid  wages, what kind of wages are due?
If harassment, describe the nature of the harassment?
What is the harasser's position? i.e. co-worker, supervisor 
What do you think is motivating  the harassment?
Did you complain about the  harassment?
If yes, to whom did you complain?  (identified by position; i.e. my  supervisor)
What do you want the lawyer to do for you?  
Are there any other comments you think are important for the lawyer to know?




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